Nymphomaniac woman

First picture of German nymphomaniac, 47, found dead in bed after being arrested for imprisoning men for sex

Dead at 47: Antje Crapnik was found dead in bed by her lover after a drink and drugs binge

Dead at 47: Antje Crapnik was found dead in bed by her lover after a drink and drugs binge

Dressed in a skin-tight dress and showing off her ample cleavage, Antje Crapnik looks relaxed and happy as she poses for a photograph.

There is nothing to hint that her life would end abruptly at the age of 47 – or that her last days would be dogged by such sordid ignominy.

For this is the first picture of the woman dubbed the ‘German nymphomaniac’, a person so sexually obsessed she was accused of imprisoning two men in her Munich apartment so they could make love to her.

The woman’s first victim complained that she forced him to sexually perform eight times before he finally escaped via her balcony wearing his underwear.

Another victim, an African man, aged 36, was found weeping in the street outside her home after an ordeal lasting 36 hours.

Recalling his encounter with Miss Crapnik, the man said: ‘I met her on a bus. She invited me back here. Oh God, it was hell. I can’t walk. Please help me.’

Miss Crapnik was found lying dead next to her latest and last lover in her bed on Friday.

The man, who was her neighbour, rang police to report her death when he woke up to find her lifeless beside him.

He said: ‘I knew something was wrong because usually she wanted it first thing in the morning.’

An autopsy will determine what the cause of death was – and whether her insatiable sex drive had anything to do with it.

Her last lover said to police that she had ‘been hitting the wine’ before they retired to her room on Thursday night and that she had snorted a drug.

Miss Crapnik, dubbed the woman who could not say ‘nein’, formerly owned a fashion store before her sex drive forced her into poverty and on to welfare.

She told social workers she needed sex up to ten times a day, every day.

Miss Crapnik’s mother told Germany’s Bild newspaper: ‘She was a sick person.’ 

She spoke with her mother the night before she died.  Her daughter complained that 2012 was a terrible year and that next year ‘would be better’.Antje Crapnik, 47, was found dead by her latest lover at her home in Munich

Imprisoned: Antje Crapnik, 47, was found dead by her latest lover at her home in Munich. She was arrested earlier this year for imprisoning men for lengthy sex ordeals

Her first victim Dieter Schulz, 43, met her in a bar in the centre of his home city. She took him back to her apartment and they had sex several times.

But when the woman demanded more, the exhausted man said no.

A police spokesman said: ‘He complied with the woman’s wishes another few times so he could finally leave the apartment.

‘But when she continued to refuse and demanded even more sex from him, he fled to the balcony.’  Schulz phoned police and pleaded for assistance.

‘You have got to help me,’ he told them. ‘She is trying to kill me with sex. I cannot get out – and I cannot go on!’

When police arrived to question the woman and free Schulz she invited two officers to join her in bed for a ‘quickie’, but they declined.

She was taken for evaluation at a psychiatric hospital following the arrest.

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