Kiosk of Qertassi

The Kiosk of Qertassi is a small reconstructed temple on the site of Kalabsha Temple (which itself has been reconstructed by UNESCO on this new island above the rising water of Lake Nasser.

the odd little temple, with roman columns and hathor columns
The little kiosk looks like the Kiosk of Trajan on Philae — the “Pharaohs Bedstead”. It was moved here from about 40km south of Aswan and placed here.

two of the original, feline-looking Hathor-headed columns
The little temple has two remaining hathor headed columns This is not a pharaonic ruin, although it is built to look like one. It is from the Ptolemaic period/ It is mostly undecorated, although one column on the northwest wall that depict the pharaoh standing with Isis and Horus..
Hathor columns, and two lotus blossom columns

detail of the lotus-headed columns
The temple is an odd mix of Greco-Roman columns (which are very similiar to the columns in the Kiosk of Trajan), and the very feline-looking Hathor-headed columns.


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