Sound and LIght Show, Karnak!

The allure of the Karnak Sound and LIght show is that you can walk through the beautifully lit ruins at night, following the narration as it moves through the courtyard, the dark, forest-like hypostyle hall and then across the way to the sacred lake for the rest of the story.

We befriended one of the tourist police, who made sure that we got to the front of the line for each part of the show, and tipped us off to make a run for the bleachers to get a good seat for pictures at the sacred lake. We chatted with him for a while after the show, too. He was very nice.

THe show is — well, it’s all a bit cheesy, really, but it’s fun.

For Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the shows are in the following languages:

Monday English French Spanish  
Tuesday French English Italian  
Wednesday German English French  
Thursday English French Italian  
Friday French English Spanish  
Saturday French English Italian  
Sunday German English French

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