Who is the Vienna Venus?

Hunt for mystery woman who boarded Austrian train naked

Austrian media launch search for the mystery nude woman

For passengers on the early morning commute, it certainly brightened up their journey.

A woman boarded the subway rail network in Vienna wearing nothing but a pair of knee-high leather boots and a smile.

Passengers were stunned when the nude woman got on the Vienna U-Bahn near the Kardinal-Nagl-Platz station and stood in the middle of the carriage for several stops.

Passenger bare: The mysterious woman's appearance on the subway train has sparked an appeal by the Austrian media to find her

Passenger bare: The mysterious woman’s appearance on the train has sparked an appeal to track her down

And she appeared to have no qualms about posing for pictures when several commuters reached for their cameras and started snapping away at the modern-day Lady Godiva.

She got off the train a few stops later without saying a word.

Staff on the Vienna U-Bahn have been studying CCTV images of the woman – who has been dubbed the Vienna Venus – and the Austrian media has launched an appeal to track her down, Heute reported.

Her full-frontal picture has been published in several Vienna newspapers which have asked readers to identify the mystery passenger.

Dressed in only a pair of knee-high boots, the woman seemingly happily poses as commuters take pictures of her

Dressed in only a pair of knee-high boots, the woman seems happy to pose as commuters take pictures of her

One publication has even offered to feature the woman in a photo shoot – provided she identifies herself and reveals her reasons for doing it.

According to the Austrian Times, a witness said: ‘I couldn’t believe it when she stepped on the train and when some people grabbed their mobile telephones and started taking pictures she didn’t object.

‘In fact she even seemed to be posing for the camera.’

While the woman’s actions have surprised many, most seemed more concerned with the fact she chose to bare all during snowfall and freezing temperatures in Vienna.

Vienna’s public transit operators Wiener Linien told the Austrian Times: ‘We know that everyone has a different perception of temperature. We do not believe that it so warm in our subways that you have to undress.’



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