Tomb of Tausert

Tausert (who may or may not have been a pharaoh in her own right) is bured in oneof the longest tombs in the valley. She was the wife of Set II from the 19th Dynasty. Like many of the others, this tomb has been open since antiquity.

Her tomb was taken over by Sekhnakht, the first ruler of the 20th Dynasty. He removed her remains and enlarged the tomb for himself. There are two complete burial chamber – the first for Tausert and a later, deeper one for Sekhnakht.

The parts of the tomb built for Tausert have distinct phases. The first occured while she was Seti II’s queen and were done by his workmen. After his death, the second phase began under the reign of Siptah for whom she was regent. THe first burial chamber was done at this time. When Tausert assumed the throne on her own, the tomb was enlarged and updated to reflect her new royal status.


Sethnakht, of course, had his own tomb begun during his reign, but it was unfinished at the tim eo fhis death, so his son buried him in Tausert’s tomb and took his father’s as his own.

The burial chamber has a barrel-vault ceiling, painted with astrological signs and the walls are covered with scenes from the Book fo the Gate.


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