Tomb of Khnumhotep II

The latest tomb that is open on the ridge, the tomb of Khnumhotep (3) is very similiar to that of Amenemhet, his predecessor. THere is an imposing portal outside this tomb, with doric columns and a large doorway, befitting the importance of the Governor of the Eastern Desert. This tomb dates form almost a century later than those of Baqet and Kheti.

At least one scene in the tomb shows Syrian’s paying tribute to Khnumhotep. THeir clothign and hairstyles, very different from the Egyptians, is shown in detail. A number of insights into Egyptian feudal life were found in the inscriptions in this tomb, givng egyptologists a good picture of life in the 12th Dynasty. An elaborate inscription of 222 vertical registers details th duties, lineage, marriage and other detalis of Khnumhotep’s life.


There are only a few pieces of the statues in the sanctuary niche, but the niche itself is decorate with colorful scenes of fishing an netting birds.


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