Temple of Mut (Tanis)

the walkway and fallen columns of the temple

A little ways from the main necropolis and remains of the Temple of Amun lies a much smaller temple dedicated to the goddess Mut and Khonsu. Mut is an asiatic goddess worshipped in the Delta.

the walkway and fragments of stone leading to the Temple of Mut

A long walkway leads to the temple, which lies some distance from the main necropolis and temple of Amun. The entire site looks like a castle of stone knocked aside by an unruly child. The excavations continue; the French have been working on the site for years.

excavated walkway to the tempe of Mut and Khonsu

the temple sits in a small wadi in the hills at Tanis

Only a few columns arranged in a roughly rectangular shape remain of the temple. We didn’t examine it in any depth, but we did appreciate the nicely lettered signs!

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