Chapel of Hathor

The small chapel of Hathor is on the south, past the colonnade with the reliefs of the trip to Punt is the Chapel to Hathor with a number of intact Hathor-headed columns.

There are some brightly colored reliefs of festival processions and inside the small (barred-off) sanctuary is a scene of Hatshepsut worshipping the divine cow.

An alcove (which I didn’t get a picture of) has a representation of Senenmut which would only be visible when the door were closed. Hidden behind the door, the picture may have been his jab at the royal family, or his attempt to be immortalizaed — Senenmut was her architect, vizier, advisor, probably her lover and possibly the father of her daughter Neferure. He vanished later in Hatshepsut’s reign, he vanished. Rumor has it he was eliminated for daring to “rise above his station”.

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