Beware of teachers

Jury sees video of English

teacher’ having group sex with four

students during orgy in her home

while another taped it’

  • Brittni Colleps, 28, formerly worked at Kennedale High School in Texas
  • Video does not show her face but a distinctive tattoo on her back
  • Sent ‘100 texts in one day’ to one student
  • Told students her have sex toys
  • Allegedly described herself as ‘anything-goes-in-sex kind of girl’
  • Accused of sending videos of her using a sex toy
  • Modeled lingerie for them
  • Faces up to 20 years in prison
Brittni Nicole Colleps, 27, a married mother of three, was arrested for allegedly having sex with five students

A high school teacher is accused of having group sex with four teenage students while another videotaped the romp on his cellphone.

Brittni Colleps, 28, a mother-of-three and former English teacher at Kennedale High School in Fort Worth, Texas, starting sending what seemed to be innocent text messages to the five students in the Spring of 2010 but they soon turned racy.

Eventually she was arranging to meet them for sex.

One student told the court he exchanged more than one hundred messages with her in the one day.

He said: ‘She said that she craved… that I had something that she wanted.’

Colleps discussed the number of her sexual partners – eight guys, two girls – her favorite sex toys and described herself as an ‘anything goes in sex kind of girl’, according to the student.

He said he had sex with Colleps five times, four of which involved more than one student.

 he told the court that on one occasion there were four teens and the teacher having group sex. The videotape was shown to the court.

Colleps looked away from the screen and appeared uncomfortable when it was shown.

Prosecutor Elizabeth Beach told the court: ‘One of the boys, as will happen with high school seniors, had his cellphone with him.

‘And decided that this would be a good thing to get a clip of.’

t the video did not show Colleps face but only a woman’s back while she was engaging in intercourse with at least two students while the others were in the room. 

Though the students were over 18 at the time and considered adults, the law protects students from a relationship with someone in a superior position.

Accused: Brittni Colleps, 28, a married mother-of-three and former English teacher, used text messages to pursue five male students, prosecutors say

Scene: One teen said he and Colleps exchanged 100 text messages in one day during the spring of 2010 when he was a student at Kennedale High School

A distinctive tattoo can be seen in the video, which the student pointed out and said it belonged to Colleps.

The student, now 20, testified that he had sexual intercourse with his teacher five times in the Spring of 2011, four of which involved group sex with other male students.

Another student testified that after a series of texts from Colleps, she picked him up near his house and drove him to her home, where they had sex two days in a row.

It came after he ‘poked’ her on Facebook and she poked him back.

After that, he said, he got back together with a girlfriend and did not have sex with Colleps again. But when he told a friend he had sex with the teacher, he asked him to ‘work some magic’ and set them up.

Though she initially said she could not send them any pictures for fear she would be jailed, both students said she later texted nude pictures of herself as well as a video of her using a sex toy, according to the Star Telegram.

She later modeled lingerie for the students at her house before engaging in group sex in an upstairs bedroom, one of the students testified.

The 28-year-old is charged with several counts, including deviate sex and improper relationship between educator and student.

Uncomfortable viewing: The courtroom watches the video footage which reportedly shows Colleps having sex with four students

Denial: Colleps appeared uncomfortable and did not want to look while the video was being shown in court. She has plead not guilty

She has plead not guilty and faces up to 20 years in jail if convicted as well as a $10,000 fine on each of five charges of an improper relationship between an educator and student.

Her husband Christopher Colleps is a soldier stationed at Louisiana’s Fort Polk. He is allegedly standing by his wife.

He was not in the courtroom on Tuesday because he is a potential witness in the case. He is believed to have been overseas on duty with the U.S. military at the time.

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