Racism in Europe

Pregnant Polish migrant told British

Muslim women wearing hijabs to ‘go

back to your own country’ in

drunken tirade

  • Beata Jopek had been drinking vodka and screamed abuse at victims Hana Farah and Ithil Ibrahim
  • Jopek and her boyfriend abused them on a train and she eventually pulled off one of their hijabs
Drunk: Beata Jopek insulted the passengers

A pregnant Polish migrant launched a blistering racist verbal attack on two young Muslim women wearing hijab headscarves and told them to ‘go back to your own country’, a court heard.

Drunk Beata Jopek shouted at the two passengers on a Yorkshire train, screaming ‘no-one wants you here, you are f****** disgusting.’

The British women were left ‘fearing for their safety’ as Jopek, 30, told one of them: ‘Take that f****** thing off, a white person wouldn’t do what you are doing.’

Jopek then ripped the headscarf from one of the women and when restrained by a guard said: ‘If I lose the baby I’m going to kill the black b****.’

The drunken foul-mouthed tirade ended with Jopek and her partner Maciej Matysniak, 32, being arrested for what a judge called their ‘yobbish’ behaviour towards Hana Farah and Ithil Ibrahim.

Jopek narrowly escaped a prison sentence after both women said they would rather the foul-mouthed Poles, who have lived in England for some years, be made to recognise what they did was wrong rather than go to jail.

Prosecutor Jim Baird told Sheffield Crown Court that the women were travelling on the 9.30pm train from Leeds to Sheffield after visiting a friend in hospital.

About 15 minutes into the journey Matysniak approached them and swore.
‘Shut the f*** up”, why are you so “f****** loud, aren’t you embarrassed about how loud you are? You can’t even speak English,’ he said.

The two Muslims felt frightened and intimidated by Matysniak who was clearly drunk.

Miss Farah told him to go away and leave the women alone but that incensed his partner Jopek who was also drunk and got to her feet and swore at the women saying: ‘Don’t talk to him like that he’s only telling the truth.’

Passengers intervened as Jopek tried to get to the pair but was restrained by her partner. She then launched her foul-mouthed racist tirade ‘because they were wearing hijab headscarves’, said Mr Baird.

Jopek again approached the women as the train approached Barnsley station and she sat down opposite Miss Ibrahim making references to her headscarf and swore as she told her to take it off.

The Pole grabbed at the hijab, pulling at Miss Ibrahim’s hair and the scarf came off.

Police officers escorted the Poles off the train at Barnsley and they were so drunk they could not be interviewed until the next day when they had sobered up.

Jopek refused to answer questions but her partner claimed the two women were shouting so loud passengers could not have a conversation. He also claimed one of them swore and gave him a finger gesture.

Mr Baird said both women were ‘upset and shocked and nervous’ and anxious about travelling on trains.

Miss Ibrahim had suffered depression since the incident for which she has received medical treatment.

Jopek admitted racially aggravated common assault and Matysniak admitted threatening behaviour on January 30. They live in Barnsley.

Heidi Cotton, for Jopek said she had drunk half a bottle of vodka despite being pregnant and added: ‘Drink is no longer her friend.’

Ian West for Matysniak said he took full responsibility for his actions but they were not racially motivated.

Judge Michael Murphy told the Poles: ‘Courts cannot teach people to behave in a civilised way but a court can punish people who do not behave. This was disgraceful and drunken violence on a train. It was yobbish and uncivilised disgraceful behaviour in drink.’

Jopek was given a three-month jail term suspended for 12 months and 120 hours of unpaid community work. Matysniak was given a 12-month community order with 80 hours of unpaid work.

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