Boy cooked cat by microwave

  • The child popped the frightened feline in the oven and turned it on as the owner came down the stairs
  • RSPCA have called police and social services but the boy is too young to be prosecuted

A cruel eight-year-old is in trouble with police and social services after cooking his neighbour’s cat in a microwave.

The RSPCA has launched an investigation after being tipped off about the horrific incident in Rochester, Kent.

They were told the cat’s owner went downstairs to find his neighbour’s young son had put the terrified animal in their kitchen appliance and starting cooking it last Saturday.

Singed tail: Petrified: The cat was cooked by the eight-year-old but luckily survived

The horrified owners rushed their traumatised pet to the PDSA charity for urgent treatment and it is recovering.

Although the microwave ordeal could have permanently damaged the cat’s internal organs.

This was an absolutely horrendous incident and all the more shocking because of the alleged involvement of such a young child,’ RSPCA inspector Ray Bailey said.

The RSPCA and police are unable to take criminal action against the boy because he is under the age of 10.

Lucky: The cat's owner came down the stairs to find the boy had put her cat in a microwave (file pic)

But Insp Bailey has alerted the Youth Offending Team at Medway Police Station and social services.

RSPCA senior prosecutions case manager Terry Stroud added: ‘This is a clearly shocking incident.

‘It’s one the RSPCA feels needs to be investigated by the appropriate authorities to find out why this happened and to work to prevent this kind of cruelty happening again.’

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