Medicinal drugs from common plants

Medicines are commonly prepared from plants. There are a number of plants which produces medicinal drugs. Different parts of a plant are used for different purposes and different plants are used for different medicinal needs.


In India, Neem tree is considered equivalent to God because of it’s value. The neem tree is huge and it gives shade to the homeless and animals, it’s breeze cannot be compared with 10 air conditioners in the hot summer. The leaves are said to have antibiotic effect used for measles and mumps. The fruit juice is said to produce anti-helminthic action and also the best treatment of diabetes. The cattles feed on the flowers that withers, the barks are used as timbre and the roots acts as a fertilizer. None of it’s part is a waste.

Now, here is a list of common plants and it’s medicinal value.

Aloe vera

ALOE VERA: The plant’s leaf secretes a clear gel which contains aloin, which is used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.
Uses:1.Wound healing and reducing the risk of infection.
4.Scar preventive action.


ANGELICA: It’s an age old medicinal herb. It’s leaves and stem has medicinal values.
Uses:1.To reduce muscular spasms in asthma and bronchitis.
2.To regulate menstrual flow.
3.To increase appetite.


ARROWROOT: It’s root is said to have medicinal effect.
Uses:1.To relieve acidity.
2.Mild laxative.
3.To treat infection.


BASIL: It’s used in both culinary and medicinal purpose.
Uses:1.To reduce blood sugar levels.
2.To treat cold and reduce fever.
3.To prevent peptic ulcers.
4.Anti-bacterial and fungicide action.
5.Relieves itching.

Bitter orange

BITTER ORANGE: The bitter orange oil contains flavonoids which are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal. Bitter orange juice is rich in vitamin C which helps the immune system.
Uses:1.To reduce heart rate and palpitations.
2.To encourage sleep.


CAMPHOR: Camphor oil as a medicine, scent and embalming fluid.
Uses:1.To relieve arthritis and rheumatic pains.
2.To treat skin problems like cold sores and chilblains.
3.Used as a chest rub for bronchitis and other chest infections.


CARDAMOM: It is used as a spice and medicine.
Uses:1.Helps in digestion.
2.Relieves abominal pain.



CELERY: The ordinary vegetable we use in our day to day life has great medicinal values.
Uses:1.Relieves arthritis and gout.
2.treats urinary tract infection.


CINNAMON: A spice used in East Asian countries.
Uses:1. Relieves abdominal pain and cramps.
2. Relieves cold.


CORIANDER: It is a spice and a medicine as well. It freshens breath and aids good

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