Does violence i…

Does violence in films and video games encourage violence in real life?

First of all , we must admit that the violence is a very bad we must do our best to reduce this phenomenon.but in the beginning , you should know that there are two types of violence.the first type of violence is violence without a cause.and the second type of violence , violence for a reason.

For the second type of violence we do not need to talk about it , because it has its motives which it were reason for its happening.

But that concerns us here is the first type of violence, because it is for no reason.

It seems to us in this way. But if we wanted to analyze and study the cause which led to this violence. we Will discover that there are many reasons.

And I think we urgently need to find out  reasons and the real motives behind the violence unjustified.

If we could put our hands on  reasons leading to such violence  unjustified, it means that we can minimize this kind of violence to some extent.

In fact, I think that movies and video games encourage violence in real life.

And but I also think that they are not the main reasons for this type of violence, “non-justified violence”, but there are certainly other reasons and motives.

But there are plenty of other reasons that lead to such violence, “violence is justified.” And of these reasons, for example: noise, congestion, unemployment, parents quarrel in front of children.

And I will talk today about a personal experience happened to me two weeks ago. This experiment shows us how the movie industry encourages this kind of films. And I am here talking about the U.S. cinema industry in particular., And Harder than that, and in many cases, they are honored these films and give them awards. such as Oscar.

Film named Ted, a name taken from the name of the doll in films Teddy Mr Bean’s famous, but we will see something different here. doll “Ted” uses Drugs dealing, acts of breach of the literature, utter obscene words, and many other things.

Film easily attract children to the presence of such a doll. As well as deceive parents in the belief that film for the children. So we should be very careful in the selection of films that should be watched by our children.

As well as video games, which has a lot of violence and blood.those video games increase the nature of violence in human.

We call on God to guide us to righteousness and protect us from evil, always and ever, Amen

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